Samsung iDCS 18D Display Speaker Phone

- 18 programmable keys with tri-coloured LEDs
- Fully Handsfree
- 2 fixed-function keys (HOLD, ANS/RLS)
- 8 selectable ring tones
- Adjustable LCD panel with 32-character display
( 5 Year Factory Warranty)




Samsung Officeserv OS 7030 Cabinet 
(Initially equipped to handle 4 phone lines, 8 digital phones and 2 analog devices)

The OfficeServ 7030 design allows great flexibility and easily integrates into any business environment. With a single cabinet providing 2 universal card slots it allows connection to the public telephone network or private networks using analog circuits. The OfficeServe 7030 has a variety of interface cards allowing you to connect Proprietary digital phones, or IP terminals using the latest Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology which can be deployed over LANS or WANS. The OfficeServ 7030 platform supports industry standard Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP), Session Initiation Protocol(SIP) as well as the more robust Telephony over IP (ToIP).
(5 Year Factory Warranty)